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Die Brauerei: Stu Mostow Browar - 100 Brücken Brauerei

Beschreibung: (Quelle: https://100mostow.pl)

Eine polnische Craft-Bier-Brauerei - Infos nur auf englisch verfügbar!

We believe in dreams!
Improvement begins in our minds. We want to fulfil the Polish dream of new quality that will be born in our country to win global acclaim. To achieve that, we begin persistent work at the grassroots together with a team of talented, hardworking and passionate people.
We see creativity as the value on which we can build a strong Polish brand, with a potential for success and capable of competing with the mainstream brewing industry.
We have selected Wroclaw as the location of Browar Stu Mostów (The Brewery of a Hundred Bridges). A craft brewery with a soul to revive the city’s rich brewing tradition and become part of its identity, promoting encounters between people and cultures.

We dared to come onto the market to brew the best beer!

The mission of Browar Stu Mostów is to offer something that we would like to receive ourselves: the best beer with an ambition to become Poland’s number one. A beer for those looking for something more, who want to enjoy their life to the fullest and savour every moment.
We believe in Browar Stu Mostów. And since faith works miracles, by brewing beer we want to bring joy to people, which means working small miracles every day. In Wroclaw, across Poland and around the globe.
At Browar Stu Mostów we want to brew beer that will build the most beautiful of bridges. Bridges between people, cities and countries. Between history, present and future.

So let us build hundreds of bridges!

It grew out of an authentic need and a need for authenticity. It arose from the dream of a good Polish craft beer.
The origins of Browar Stu Mostów are unusual, just like the beer to be brewed in it.
The idea to start up a brewery was born in our minds and hearts in 2012 and has been slowly maturing ever since, like an old craft ale.
Shortly after carrying out a careful market analysis we went into talks with potential partners. First at the international food fair in Poznan, and then at a beer industry trade fair in Germany.
There we established contact with company BrauKon which embraced the philosophy of our brewery and provided us with state-of-the-art, top-quality equipment for making craft beer.

Wrocław will keep alive a long-established brewing tradition of the Lower Silesia region. We’re focusing on traditional brewing methods, developing beer drinking culture and building bridges. We’re proud to accept both responsibilities and wishes from those who have marked the position of Wrocław on the Polish map of breweries.
“It’s about reviving the tradition that seemed to be irrevocably lost. It gladdens my heart and spirit.” – said Bolesław Dereniowski, a brewer from the non-existing Browar Zakrzów brewery during his visit to One Hundred Bridges Brewery. “I believe the place will achieve a success as it is a real brewery not a beer factory” – added Fryderyk Krukowski, a long-term Chairman of the Browar Piastowski brewery.
Professionals appreciate the ambience of the place and the equipment being installed on Długosza Street. “Wrocław lacks a small craft brewery where one could not only have a beer but also have a look at how beer is produced” – said Czesława Szpunar, a brewing headmaster at the Browar Piastowski brewery. “Wrocław absolutely deserves good quality beer from a craft brewery with traditional brewing methods and not a beer factory where lots of beer that tastes and looks the same is produced in a short time. It seems to me that Wrocław truly needs such a small craft brewery with traditional methods of brewing unfiltered and unpasteurised beer; a brewery with conditions for brewing good quality beer of a truly outstanding flavour.” – said Leszek Stala, Director at the Browar Zakrzów brewery.
Wrocław has a well-established brewing tradition of 800 years that we would like to follow. Jan Długosz, a chronicler of the beginnings of the Polish state, often praised the quality of Polish beer and described ingredients used in its production: “Wine is rarely drunk here and wine grapes not grown at all. Still, Poland has a drink brewed from wheat, hop and water known as beer. There’s nothing better to invigorate one’s body than beer that gives delights both to the locals and foreigners.” Then the Beer Purity Law was adopted that specified ingredients that could be used in beer production. We’ll build on these foundations as we’re approaching the 500th setting these production standards.
We believe that beer is important for our national identity. It is too important to be sacrificed to globalization. Wrocław and the Lower Silesia region have a unique heritage. “We used to be called Little Bavaria. There was a brewery on every corner. The tradition is still here and the former workers of the Browary Dolnośląskie Piast brewery were sorry to see it disappearing. Now we are quite moved.” – says Hanna Głuchowska, a spokesperson and the Head of the Marketing Department at Browary Dolnośląskie Piast brewery. Watch video reports from the visits to our brewery.

Interiors of 2 Długosza Street
They are high and spacious. The establishment, composed of a production section and a bar section, can seat up to 60 guests who will be able to choose between at least 10 different types of beer, which is the number of taps designed at the bar. The bar and tables are placed on a mezzanine, and there are extra seats in a beer garden outside.

Production line
It is located on the ground floor of the building. It consists of a two-vessel brewhouse, each of the vessels with a capacity of 20 hectolitres, 6 fermentation and storage tanks with a capacity of 40 hectolitres each, and 2 pressure tanks.
Browar Stu Mostów will brew up to 500 thousand litres of beer per year
Most of it will be ales produced in the process of top fermentation. This method of brewing has been used since the beginning of the brewing industry. Bottom fermentation, most commonly used by corporations today, produces lagers, while top fermentation produces beers with a richer aroma and flavour. Good examples include IPA, stout and wheat beer.

In search of new flavours
The brewery will be officially opened in September 2014. For the opening we will prepare 6 types of beer under the Browar Stu Mostów brand. Apart from that, craft beers from other manufacturers in England, Holland and Germany will be offered.

One hundred bridges in a bottle
For the first six months Browar Stu Mostów is going to sell beer to pubs in Lower Silesia and across the Opolskie province. Later we will start expanding to other markets. Original bottled beer from Browar Stu Mostów will also be available for purchase at good stores.

Is there a place for an island of authentic brewing based on good craft traditions in the flood of beers produced industrially by large corporations? We deeply believe that there is. Just like many enthusiasts of good beer in Poland and the world!
Craft beer is brewed according to original recipes and based on natural processes, with no use of accelerating agents and without depriving beer of its essential properties. Only the highest brewing artistry and the use of natural ingredients guarantee the taste and aroma of a true craft beer.
Craft production is more expensive than industrial production. Corporations cut the time to produce beer down to 14 days. Craft breweries, depending on the type of beer, take from one to several months to make beer.
Craft beer takes work, time and care – it is just like looking after a baby. Brewing craft beer is a very demanding process, the final outcome of which is a unique taste. And something that follows the taste – top quality.
Original recipes, developed by our Brewmasters – Michał Żankowski and Beinat Gutierrez and brewer Filip Dąbrowski are conceived at Browar Stu Mostów. Our brewery is the perfect place for beer enthusiasts like them, who would like to work in a creative team and at an attractive place.
Browar Stu Mostów is the fulfilment of the dream about new quality, which is emerging in Poland only now. Our goal is to fulfill the Polish dream of a strong national brand, capable of successfully competing with brands well-established on the market. Browar Stu Mostów dares to enter the market to brew the best beer.
We believe in Browar Stu Mostów. And since faith works miracles, by brewing beer we want to bring joy to people, which means working small miracles every day. In Wroclaw, across Poland and around the globe.

WRCLW Hefeweizen
Hefeweizen, traditional Bavarian style, is a top fermented, yeasty and light wheat beer. Thanks to specially selected yeast strain, its aroma resembles ripe banana and clove. It also has small acidity, which makes this beer unusually light and refreshing. It is best when fresh.


Link: https://100mostow.pl